NSG 456 Outcomes Management For Practicing Nurse Research

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NSG 456 Outcomes Management For Practicing Nurse Research


Week 4- Finding Evidence

Evidence that supports a conclusion is part of the research process. Literature reviews often accompany research papers in the form of a summary and synthesis of the published information about the research topic. Although this week’s assignment is not a literature review, it is designed to familiarize you with the practice of finding appropriate sources and information on a topic.

Find three original research articles that apply to your research topic. The articles must be

  • peer reviewed,
  • recent (published within 5 years), and
  • statistically significant.

Write a 260-word summary of each article in which you identify (include these as headings).

  • participants
  • independent variable(s),* Students have difficulty with variables, I have added a guide for you under Week 4.
  • dependent variable(s),
  • methods, and
  • results.

For each of the articles, determine if the article is suitable for inclusion in a literature review for your research topic.

  • If it is not, explain why.
  • If it is, explain how the information can be used to inform practice.

Compile all summaries in one document.

Do not include the entire article, but include a link to the article

Include the APA citation for each article before each summary.

Submit the APA citation, link to the article and summaries.