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  1. Please answer the following True or False questions (each worth 2 points)


  1. A process in control does not produce unacceptable output.


True ______   False___FALSE___


  1. Random variation falls within the control limits.


True ___TRUE___   False______


  1. A process is capable if the variations fall within the control limits.


True ___TRUE___   False______



  1. If X bar chart is in controlthen R chart is also in


True __TRUE___   False________



  1. Control charts are used to determine if there are unexpected changes in the process.


True ___TRUE___   False______


  1. For defective units situations, aP chart is used when the sample size varies.


True ___TRUE___   False______




  1. A standard Six Sigma Process has a 4.5 Sigma performance


True __TRUE___   False________


  1. A process is not capable if the variations exceeds the mean


True ___TRUE___   False______



  1. A histogram shows the trendline of a process


True _____   False____FALSE____


  1. A Fishbone diagram used to organize data in categories


True ___TRUE__   False________




  1. Please answer the following multiple choice questions (each worth 4 points)):



  1)   Which of the following tools is used to identify process frequency distribution?

A) Matrix diagram

B) Histogram

C)Pareto Chart

D) Check sheets

E) Process map


2)      Which of the following tools is used to organize ideas.

A) Matrix diagram

B) Histogram

C) Affinity Diagram

D) Check sheets

E) Process map


    3)      Which of the following tools is used to analyze cycle time


A)    Control Chart

B) Fishbone diagram

C) Pareto Chart

D) Process map

E) Root Cause Analysis




    4)      Which of the following is true of common cause variation?


A)  It is uncontrollable.

B)  It is centeredaround the mean.

C)  It is inherent in the process.

D)  All of the above.

E)  None of the above


    5)      A true 3 Sigma Process should not havemore than_______defects per million opportunities


A.       3.4

B.        270

C.        2700

D.       45500



  1. Please respond to the following questions. Each question is worth 10 points:


  • Please create a process map for withdrawing cash from an ATM machine as described below:

Janet needed some cash and walks up to an ATM machine.  She inserts her debit card.  The machine returns the card and the monitor reads: “could not read the card try again”.  Janet recognizes that she has entered the card in the wrong direction. She takes the card and turns it around and insert the card again.  The machine keeps the card and the monitor reads: “enter pass code”.   Janet enters a 4 digit code.  The monitor reads: “ error, try again”.

Janet enters the code again.  The monitor displays: Withdrawal? Yes  No

Janet selects Yes.  Displays shows:

“ $100, $200, $300, $400, $______”.

Janet selects  $200.   The machine pushes out 10 $20 bills.  Monitor then displays “Receipt?   Yes  No”.  Janet selects No.  Monitor displays “Take your cash”  .

The machine returns the card.  Display changes to “Thank You”.

Janet takes the cash and her card and walks away.


  • A customer relationship manager decided to track customer complaints as part of his ongoing customer satisfaction improvement program. After collecting data for 3 months, their check sheet appears as follows:


Type of Problem Frequency
(number of times)
Call went to voice mail 18
Items damaged when received 15
Literature not in the box 7
Parts missing 13
Billing error 6
Unit not working 2
Delivery was late 3



Construct a Pareto chart including the cumulative % frequency.What is the cumulative percentage of the two highest priority issues?


3)   A quality control engineer monitors the quality of a cylinder production line.    He regularly selects a sample of 5 units and measures the diameters.  The specification requires the diameter to be 6 inches plus/minus 0.1 inch.  The following is a record of the measurements.  Is the production process in control?   Please use X bar and R charts to make an assessment.


  • For the above problem if the true mean and standard deviation of the process are 6.05 and 0.04,
    1. Is the process capable of meeting its specification? Calculate its CP and CPk.

The process is capable of meeting the specification laid out.

Cpk = min(USL – μ, μ – LSL) / (3σ)

Cpk=min(6.28001125-0.1, 0.1-5.67848875)/3×0.04


  1. What % of the cylinders if any are out of specs?



  • A project manager at Global Design Corporation has collected the following data on the size of software programs and the length of programming time. The company is bidding on a new system that is estimated to consist of 300,000 lines of code. Use the data to find the correlation function of coding time to the program size and estimate the number of days it would take to code the system.



  • A project manager has developed the following data on a

project tasks and durations by weeks.

  1. Please create an AON diagram, identify the critical path and the expected project duration.
  2. What is the chance of completing the project one week earlier than expected?
  3. The customer has asked for a 99% confidence on the project completion date. Calculate the number of additional weeks the project manager needs to make that commitment.