SOC 325 PMIT Gender Based Medicine Fields of Practice & Categorization Essay

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SOC 325 PMIT Gender Based Medicine Fields of Practice & Categorization Essay



I need a script to make a video presentation of between 7-10 minutes. At least 950-1000 words will work for the required time for the video.

Here are the requirement:

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the complexities of sex and gender as they impact a specific group of healthcare professionals today.


Create a video in which you tell an engaging and informative story to a target group of healthcare professionals (Please choose Physical Therapists). If you are shy about being on camera, use puppets, cutouts, stuffed animals, or friends and family as actors. Avoid creating a deadpan, boring lecture; have fun with this!


Your video can be funny or serious, but it should convey the following information in whatever order makes sense to you:


  • Your target audience. (1 point)
  • The differences between sex and gender. (3 points)
  • Important biological and behavioral differences between males and females that are crucial to providing adequate care by your target group.
    • Include how the complexities of gender identity create challenges for healthcare professionals who must treat the biological sex of patients who identify with the opposite gender. Describe one of those differences as it relates to your target group’s field of care and explain the risk factor(s) it poses. (6 points)
  • Educate your audience about how a lack of gender-based prevention, management, and therapy negatively impacts care for males and females. (4 points)
  • Identify new approaches to gender-based care — such training medical personal, changing clinical procedures, altering therapies, and drug development — that might benefit patients of both sexes and explain why you consider them to be important. (6 points)

Points Possible: 30 5 points for your overall look and demeanor 5 points for a presentation with a clear, logical structure 20 points for content meeting the content guidelines above