Walden COUN 6215 Week 4 Factors that Contribute to School bullying

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Walden COUN 6215 Week 4 Factors that Contribute to School bullying


Discussion: Moral Development

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the Learning Resources.
  • Select an immoral behavior of children or adolescents. Suggested topics include but are not limited to bullying, cyberbullying, fighting, aggression, cheating, and crime.
  • Review contemporary news sources to find a recent event (within the last year) highlighting the behavior you have chosen.
  • Consider the factors that might have contributed to the behavior, and ways to address the behavior.
  • Using the Walden Library, locate 1-2 peer-reviewed articles focusing on factors contributing to the occurrence of or treatment of immoral behavior.

By Day 3

  • A description of the event and the immoral behavior described in the article you selected.
  • An explanation of the factors that may have contributed to the immoral behaviors presented in the article.
  • A description of two interventions you might use to positively influence moral development in the individual(s) who participated in the event.
  • Justification of your responses with references to this week’s Learning Resources and 1–2 peer-reviewed articles from the past 5 years.

By Day 6

Respondto at leasttwoof your colleagues. Consider evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed interventions, offering an alternate intervention, or identifying additional influences on the development of immoral behavior.