WU MMHA 6300 Policymaker Project

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WU MMHA 6300 Policymaker Project


For the Final Project Part 1, you will conduct extensive research that is focused, current, and most important, accurate. Select a policy that has been enacted into law within the last year or a current Bill that is in the policy development process. The aim of this project is for you to explore the legal, ethical, and policy implications of your selected health care policy issue.

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  • Identify a policymaker in your area. This could be a member of the U.S. Congress from your state of residence, a state represented or other elected official or an equivalent legislative person that you identify if you are from a territory. If you are an international student, you may choose any policymaker in your area who is responsible for enacting health care policy or laws. Provide the name, title, contact information, and web page if available. Also, explain why you selected this policymaker.
  • Select a health care policy issue of interest that the policymaker you selected supports or opposes. This will be the topic of your Final Project. Feel free to use media resources regarding the issue in order to increase your understanding of how a policy or law can impact the health care issue. Provide a short summary of the health care policy issue you selected.
  • Must include a references section and be in APA style.
  • In-text citations must be listed in the references.

Congressman Dusty Johnson