How is this dynamic associated or linked to power?

November 22, 2020| Homework Lance

How is this dynamic associated or linked to power?



Learn Actively (LA): Learning is a personal, interactive process that results in greater expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of the world

(LA) Identify movements and cultures of resistance which produce political and social change aimed at reducing inequalities
Think Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively (TCCR): Reason and imagination are fundamental to problem solving and critical examination of ideas

(TCCR) Analyze and critique the production, reception, and circulation of cultural texts

These photos of vandalized Confederate monuments show the battle ...

These photos of vandalized Confederate monuments show the battle …

Due Dates

Primary Post

Purpose: The purpose of this online assignment is to help students develop a well-organized post to an online task.

Skills: This online assignment will assist students in practicing the following skills that are key to college success and success in professional life:

–Composing a clear, concise, post to synthesize chapter content.

–Apply prior learning from course materials (e.g., readings, lens, terms and or/ concepts)

Knowledge: This online assignment will also assist students in becoming familiar with the following relevant content knowledge expressed by the Humanities ( as a discipline ).

–Use of proper APA citation guidelines for capturing direct quotes.

–Apply evidence from a specific reading to a well – developed claim or argument.

Tasks: To complete this assignment, students must:

–submit a 300-word post for each response.

–share ideas, perspectives, and insights emerging from a specific communication and diversity leadership topics

Instructor’s Questions:

After reading the week two-chapter “Hidden Origins of Slavery (ADM)” “”A Different Mirror” respond to the following set of questions:

1) What is the relationship between Confederate Statues (in 2020) and slavery?

2) How is this dynamic associated or linked to power?

( make sure to include direct quotes and page numbers )

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