Do the ends justify the means?

November 20, 2020| Homework Lance

Do the ends justify the means?


Negotiation, by its very nature, often involves holding information from the other party in order to achieve your own best result. At what point does such strategic and tactical management of information become deception? Lying? Do the ends justify the means? When examined in light of a biblical worldview, should your standards be different than those of other negotiators? If so, how do you still best represent your position and achieve positive results?
Research and write an analysis of at least 1200 words that focuses on the ethics of common negotiation strategies, particularly those of deception and withholding information, using a biblical worldview and biblical reference.
The paper must be formatted in current APA format, but does not need to include an abstract.
Your analysis must be supported by at least 5 scholarly sources, other than the course textbook, cited in current APA format, both in-text and in the reference list.


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