How did these events shape your family and your own worldview?

November 24, 2020| Homework Lance

How did these events shape your family and your own worldview?



Write a paper, Reflections on Family, which will include a critical analysis of the social roots of YOUR family structure and family relations. You will need to do Online research on the major social and economic events that may have shaped you and your family. Discuss the links between these larger social structural events and changes and life events within your own family. How did these events shape your family and your own worldview? Be as specific as you can with your critical analysis.

What is critical thinking | Educreations

Critical thinking is a way of looking at the RELATIONAL REALITY of social institutions like the family…I hope that you start to apply some of these principles of critical thinking in your own analyses and writing.

this is the link for an article:

here is the requirement:

Watch the “talking PowerPoint” What is Critical Thinking? Link (Links to an external site.) Then read “Women as Reproductive Slaves” Link (Links to an external site.) . I am hoping that these two pieces, along with other readings and your work from the past four weeks, will ensure that you have a good idea of what it means to think critically about a question. Begin doing some Online research that will be needed to complete the paper

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i suggest to write reflection paper about how social media affects on family This is one paragraph. Also, jobs problem that make the father and the mother busy during rising children because they don’t have a time . and last paragraph how family face problems financially at these time comparing to the past because in the past children were as investment for the family to work in the farm to bring money to house



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