Explain why/how each situation creates possible negligence liability

November 23, 2020| Homework Lance

Explain why/how each situation creates possible negligence liability

Purpose: This project requires you to identify and assess legal issues, apply the law to the facts and make recommendations. The issues relate to the concepts and assigned materials on the links listed below (Please use these for references).

This project will guide you in preparing a PowerPoint presentation.

This project meets the following course outcomes:

  • recommend appropriate actions in the business environment based on an understanding of sources of law, substantive legal concepts, legal process and procedure, and available remedies; and
  • analyze tort rights, obligations, liabilities, and remedies in the business environment.

Background/Facts: TLG is continuing to work with its new client, Clean-n-Shine (Clean), a commercial cleaning company incorporated in Maryland, but doing business in all Mid-Atlantic states. Clean’s owners have primary concerns about negligence risks and liabilities related to potential accidents occurring in their public business space to employees and/or customers.

Clean is headquartered in commercial space in a local shopping center. This is a public space that includes private business offices, a public reception area, a conference meeting area, and space for potential and existing clients to meet to discuss cleaning jobs, buy cleaning products, and complete contracts for cleaning services. The shopping center is busy and heavily trafficked with shoppers.

Winnie and Ralph request that you research and recommend a plan to identify potential negligence risks/liabilities and ways to minimize those potential negligence risks in Clean’s public storage facility.

The Clean owners will use the plan to refine policies and procedures to prevent and/or minimize their liabilities.


Prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation to:

(1) develop a plan to identify and explain potential negligence risks/liabilities, and

2) recommend ways to minimize those potential negligence risks in Clean’s public facility.

There is no set number of PPT slides required, but it is important to be complete and comprehensive in the presentation.

Please place all notes and explanations for EACH slide directly on slides in the PPT presentation. The notes and explanations cannot be placed in the notes field in PowerPoint or in a separate document

You likely will need more than one PPT slide for each point/idea/concept. Everything you want to include in the presentation will be contained in the PPT slides. Do not include too much information on each slide – each slide should be clear and easy to read and understand during the presentation. Remember, the PowerPoint is a presentation and not a Word document.

The plan focuses on potential tort liabilities for negligence (do not discuss or include the tort of strict product liability in this project).

The PowerPoint presentation will be labeled in 2 parts:

Negligence Risks/Liabilities in Clean Public Business Facility

1. identify and explain 3 different specific situations that could create negligence risks/liabilities for Clean in its public facility

  • explain why/how each situation creates possible negligence liability

2. develop and explain policies and/or procedures Clean could implement to prevent or minimize the negligence risk/liability for each situation discussed in 1. above

Use only the assigned resources available in the classroom for the project.

If needed, please refer to the following links for tips on preparing a PPT presentation.

Creating a PowerPoint


Beginning PowerPoint


Format for PowerPoint:

  • Title page + your name
  • Introductory slide
  • Summary/conclusion slide
  • Use in-text citations, as needed
  • Include a References List of cited resources

The PowerPoint should include each of the following sections:

Part I. Risks and Liabilities

A. Negligence Risk Situation 1

B. Negligence Risk Situation 2

C. Negligence Risk Situation 3

Part II. Policies and Procedures

1. Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 1

2. Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 2

3. Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 3

Links for Cites to use:

Tort Law: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/tort%E2%80%8E












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