Africa today essay

Africa today essay


Not less than 7 pages- Students’ final research/term papers of not less than 7 pages


Students’ final papers are based on topics of students’ choice:


  1. A) it could be A CRITICAL survey of the work done for the class already- from Things Fall Apart to the Gods Must Be Crazy (What have these materials ben preoccupied with)B) Women in Africa
  2. C) Education in Africa
  3. D) Colonialism in Africa
  4. E) Settler Colonialism in Kenya
  5. F) Science and technology in African development, etc.
  6. G) Students are encourage to pursue their idiosyncratic interests/topics concerning Africa Today….




Provide an introduction to the paper




Provide purpose statement (As in- e. g.: The purpose of this paper…; in this paper…; for this project, I’ll examine… etc.)

Provide several supportive materials to substantiate your purpose; examine and present some of what other writers have done on the subject….

Cite from several sources to help your argument or point of view/theme/purpose….

Conclusions: Draw some conclusions and make recommendations (when appropriate.)

List references/foot notes on a separate page at the end of paper

Use APA or MLA style; be consistent with any one you choose to use.

All papers are to be double-spaced, well organized, of not less than 7 typed pages, with long quotations single spaced and indented; additionally, proof read paper for spelling errors, subject-verb agreement and noun-pronoun antecedent issues, punctuations, paragraphs, general mechanics and organization.


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