Assessment Process and Need Statement

Assessment Process and Need Statement





The Pennsylvania American Legion located in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, has been serving the community, state, and nation since 1919 with more than 200,000 members.  Since 1919, the organization has been providing programs, services, and advocating for veterans affairs. Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans established in 1988 by purchasing housing in the surrounding areas. The organization continued to buy property up until 2013 because of the increase of homeless veterans and help serve the community’s needs.  Pennsylvania American Legion mission is to enhance the quality of life for veterans providing housing, health care, job training, and social support (“Housing for Homeless Veterans.”, 2013).




Problem Statement



            Homelessness among American veterans is an increasingly growing issue. The Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans assists servicemen and women within the ages of 18-60 with services. The organization has a variety of locations in the Pennsylvania area that can reach out to veterans in critical situations. The objective of the program will provide safe residency and educate the veterans. The programs will provide the essentials such as food, clothing, and counseling. The program will address issues with post traumatic stress disorder, drug abuse, diseases, financial stability, and the need for health care.


The need is evident in the world. Many homeless individuals are men and women veterans. The homeless veterans have increased by 70% since 2005. The need for programs for homeless veterans is important, but essential. Programs need to establish to educate veterans and provide the necessary needs such as food, clothing, and counseling.  There is a need for programs for homeless veterans, and for the issues to be addressed immediately.


This need occurs because of various reasons; including mental illness many veterans suffer from sue to their experience while servicing the country. Because of the ongoing conflicts around the world veterans are struggle when they return home and a harder time adjusting to civilian living. This problem is becoming an epidemic for veterans and the American people In Pennsylvania the homeless population, According to “State Homeless Resources Map” (2013), “Total homeless population 14,736, Persona in families experiencing homelessness 7,441, Veterans Experiencing Homelessness 1,456, Persons Experiencing Chronic homelessness 1,564, and Rate of homelessness per 100,000 populations 166” ().The homeless veteran population accounts for almost 10% of the homeless in this state


Ending homelessness among Veterans will not only have a profound affect on the Veteran but also on the community.  Meeting set goals of ending homelessness among Veterans means developing programs that will help the organization accomplish its mission. Through these programs Veterans will be provided with transitional housing and supportive services eventually to secure permanent housing.  Veterans will also benefit from the teaching of life skills that will show them how to regain control over his or her life. Counseling will be offered by professionals who have a background in mental health, substance abuse, and referrals to health care services.  Job development and placement will allow the Veteran to learn the skills through training needed to for employment and assistance in finding the jobs.


According to “Veterans Services” (), “The two original programs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, McKinney-Vento Supportive Housing programs that provide capacity for 83 homeless veterans and offer case management, social services from an on-site staff.  In 2012, one of the programs converted from transitional housing to permanent housing at Hancock Manor. Another group made up of four helpful resources is called the VA Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem programs with a capacity for 65 homeless veterans. One of these programs is the first community-based Dual Diagnosis Program offered in this part of the country.  Another one of these programs houses mentors graduated from earlier stage programs and guide other veterans into successful outcomes” ().


Veteran’s services developed a program called, “Impact” to aid supportive transitional and housing for homeless veterans. The program Impact guides candidates through an entry- level support to becoming fully independent. Veterans of the program are mentored by community- based staff with employment services, case management, and social services. The goal of the program is for veterans to lead productive lives and find their place in the community.


The homeless Veterans American Legion program was developed to enhance the quality of life for the American veteran. One of the primary goals of the Veterans American Legion program is to allow homeless veterans to become productive taxpaying citizens by securing a good solid job. Over the years, the homeless Veterans American Legion has had more than 400 veterans go through the program with an 85% success rate. Other programs the Veterans American Legion offers are Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation, Family Support networks, and Childcare (“Housing for Homeless Veterans,” 2013).







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