BA 590 Central Texas College Management Discussion

BA 590 Central Texas College Management Discussion


ba 590 DB-


Q1 – Story telling.


Story telling is closely tied to the concept of sense making. It is up to leaders to help followers make sense of the organization, and we are all leaders. MBA students often look at me funny when I ask that they do this, but it is something that may come in handy down the road. This week I want you each to write a six word story. Your story MUST have to do with your topic. Post it and comment on those of at least four of your classmates. In your initial post also comment on why or why not this assignment is appropriate in an MBA class.








I came, I saw, I conquered.  (attributed to Julius Caesar)


For sale, baby clothes, never worn. (attributed to Ernest Hemingway)


Q2 -Comment on the comments below 100 words for your initial post and respond in at least 50 words to at least three other posts.


“The data used to derive most leadership theories and recommendations was collected by male researchers from male leaders, and it was analyzed and interpreted by mostly male scientists.”


“And even in terms of effectiveness, men and women are pretty similar. At least the most recent meta-analysis on the topic says, there’s not a difference in effectiveness. And if there is a small difference in recent years, it actually favors women – that women are somewhat more effective than men.”


“Women’s motivation for leadership doesn’t tend to be one that’s about having power over other people.”

And finally, two articles are available in Week 3 content for those who want to read more on this topic.

BA 546 DB-

Please select ONE of the five questions below to answer:


Human capital theory has been advanced as a rationale underlying seniority pay. Identify two individuals you know who have performed the same job for at least two years. Ask them to describe the changes in knowledge and skills they experienced from the time they assumed their jobs to the present.


Subjective performance evaluations are subject to several rater errors, which makes objective measures seem a better alternative. Discuss when subjective performance evaluations might be better (or more feasible) than objective ratings.


Consider a summer job that you have held. Write a detailed job description for that job. Then, develop a behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) that can be used to evaluate an individual who performs that job in the future.


Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the following methods for establishing base pay in international contexts: home country-based pay, headquarters-based pay, and host country-based pay.


For a country of your choice, conduct research into the cultural characteristics that you believe should be important considerations in establishing a core compensation program for a U.S. company that plans to locate there. Discuss these characteristics. Discuss as well whether you feel that pay-for-performance programs are compatible. If compatible in any way, what course of action would you take to promote this compatibility?


Guidelines: In your answers please draw from your own professional experience and provide examples from your own life, either as a leader, helper, employee, or observer. Review the reading, draw from your own ideas, examples or experience– and conduct some additional research as needed.



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