BSHS 452 Week 1 DQs

BSHS 452 Week 1 DQs



What are the components of a complete grant proposal?  Please provide a brief description or summary of each component.  Describe which component you feel would be the most difficult to complete and why.




The components of a grant proposal are the cover letter.  The cover letter is a short letter that provides a brief description of the proposal and why it is significant.  Summary is a sometimes a one-page brief that provides an overview of the proposal.  The goals and objectives is a describes what the organization is wishing to accomplish with projects or goals.  Specific results or outcomes to be accomplished are listed which is the objective.  Methods is a description what will be achieved through the programs and services and the results that are desired.  Evaluation is a program accomplishment plan.  Project sustainability is a presentation of the strategies of the agency and ides for securing additional funding in an effort to continue the project once the grant funding is depleted.  Organization background is a presentation of the qualifications of the organization to accomplish the project proposed, and budget is a summary of the revenues and expenses of the organization (Carlson, “The Proposal Process,”  2002).


I think budget would be difficult to complete.  A budget displays how much is needed for the organization to work and how much it has to do this work.  Sometimes budgets are not accurate which can cause problems for the project to be completed.  If the budget is inaccurate and changes are not made according, the organization could end up spending more than what is actually available.


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Why is critical to complete both an organizational and community needs and strengths assessment?  What would you do if the two assessments were not compatible?




It is important to perform a community needs assessment to identify the strengths and available resources in an effort to meet the needs of that community.  Assessments are compiled from demographic data, survey results from others, and feedback from partners in the community.  Assessments can also be complied from discussions from focus groups, town meetings, stakeholder interviews, or surveys mailed to the community  (“Community Needs Assessment”, n.d.).   Rojas  (n.d.), An organizational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance (para. 1).  If the assessments are not compatible, steps should be taken to make the necessary changes to ensure the organization meets the needs of the community.  Another assessment may need to be performed to fix those incompatible issues.


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How can you substantiate a need for funding?


What are some tips in developing a well-written needs statement?


What Human Services programs need do you see in your own community, city, town, or county that you would like to see funded to help someone or something?


(This should be your idea to present to your team as a potential selection for your team to develop and write a grant proposal on during the course).




To substantiate a need for funding the organization must develop a need statement.  The need statement is critical because funders must agree that the organizations project meets a need.  The statement describes conditions or a social need that affect certain individuals.  The needs statement should address the need and the relationship to the organization’s mission and purpose, and second the need statement should focus on the needs of those the organization serves.  Third, assertions should be supported with evidence such as statistics, and facts.  Fourth, the need should be consistent with the ability of the organization to respond to that need.  Finally, the need statement should be easy to read and not include jargon.  This could cause a communication barrier (Carlson, “The Proposal Process,”  2002).


The human service program I would like to see funded is homelessness.  There are a lot of people who are homeless and there should be some type of intervention to end it.  There are several reasons why people are homeless an is a big problem all over the United States.  Here homelessness is not as bad as the major cities in Louisiana, but if we can work together one city at a time, we have cut down the number of individuals who are homeless.


Carlson, M. (2002). Winning Grants: Step by Step (2nd ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.



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