BUS 508 Strayer University The Challenge of Starbucks Going Green Paper

BUS 508 Strayer University The Challenge of Starbucks Going Green Paper





There are three written assignments in the course, in which you will use the same organization to analyze the culture and make recommendations. It is essential you start to think about your company selection now.


Consider selecting a company for which you or a family member works. You might also choose a civic organization. To ensure your selection sets you up for success in all three assignments, be sure that your company:


Is one with which you are familiar and is one in which you have access to internal processes.

Has a true issue that need to be resolved.

Is one for which you can think of possible solutions to the issue that are realistic and enforceable.



For this assignment, write a 1–2 page double-spaced paper in which you will discuss:


Your selected organization.

The issue you will be analyzing.

How the issue hinders organization efficiency.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.



Confidentiality:Since you will be addressing real issues in real organizations in your assignments, it is important to respect confidentiality. Feel free to use an alias for any company or individuals you might mention in your assignments. Remember that all discussions about these organization should only occur within this course and not be shared with people outside the course.




Grading Rubric for paper:




Describe the organization and the issue to resolve.Fully describes the organization by providing a relevant and robust but concise overview of the company (e.g. when they were established, what services or products they provide, and other relevant information). Additionally, the author fully describes the issue he/she has identified; what he/she knows about it, and how it has impacted the company.




Analyze current corporate culture. Completely describes the company’s culture by detailing how the company positions itself from internal and external perspectives. Draws strong, logical connections about how the culture did or could have supported/facilitated the challenge. Makes direct connections and supports points with source material.




Identify areas of weakness. Completely identifies areas of weakness and provides strong details with logical connections and supporting source material.




Propose solutions. Completely describes modifications to organizational practices and provides solutions with strong connections and supporting source material. Logically details how the solutions will resolve issue.




Reference minimums; reference quality. Meets or exceeds required number of references; all references high-quality choices.



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