BUSI 3010 Week 5 Coca Cola Based on the Malcolm Bridge

BUSI 3010 Week 5 Coca Cola Based on the Malcolm Bridge


Review this week’s Learning Resources, as well as any of the readings from Week 5 as necessary to complete this Assignment. Note:You will continue to analyze the selected organization from Week 5 against the Malcolm Baldridge criteria.

For each of the seven categories found within the Baldridge Excellence Builder document, assess your selected company on the descriptors found on page 15. Make note for each category of whether the company is Reactive, Early, Mature, or Role Model in its operations strategies and practices. For example, when considering the first category, Leadership, are its leaders’ behaviors characterized as being reactive to problems, or are they reflective of applied best practices and continual learning and improvement?

Note: The seven categories and their associated sub-categories begin on page 7. The titles are subject to change each year when a new edition of the Baldridge Excellence Builder is published. In the 2019–2020 edition, the seven categories are as follows: 1. Leadership, 2. Strategy, 3. Customers, 4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management, 5. Workforce, 6. Operations, and 7. Results.

Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.



Part 2: Analyzing Quality for an Organization (11–13 paragraphs)

Analyze the company you chose and estimate the company’s level of organizational excellence according to the criteria of the Baldridge Award to the best of your ability. In your analysis, include the following:

A brief description of the company you selected, as well as an explanation of the company’s main product or service offering(s) (75 words, or 1 paragraph)

An assessment for each of the seven categories against the descriptors found on page 15 of the Baldridge Excellence Builder document, along with a description of the company’s performance in that category, being sure to support your assessment with specific organizational examples and references to scholarly sources (525 words, or 7 paragraphs)

Prepare a list of 3–5 specific recommendations, each from a different category, for how the company can make improvements based on your analysis. Provide support for your recommendations with references to at least two scholarly sources. (225–375 words, or 3–5 paragraphs)



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