CCBC Increasing Minimum Wage for the Working Class Americans Essay

CCBC Increasing Minimum Wage for the Working Class Americans Essay




In this assignment, you will be applying your sociological knowledge and critical thinking skills to imagine a policy suggestion that might improve family functioning. This assignment builds on the trend analysis that you wrote in the second assignment. In addition to your Family Policy Suggestion, you will also write a succinct Letter to the Editor to persuade others that the problem you have identified needs to be addressed and that your proposed policy suggestion will help resolve the problem.


Part 1: Development of a Family Policy Suggestion (1,200-1,500 words, not including reference list)


Write an introductory paragraph that includes the problem that you have identified and very briefly explains how you propose to solve it.

Provide evidence of this problem. (You can use information from your Trend Report as evidence, or you can provide different evidence if you think that it’s more appropriate. Be sure to cite your source.)

Who is affected by the problem? Provide evidence indicating which social groups are most affected. (Again here, evidence from your Trend Report or other evidence can be used. Be sure to cite your source.)

Why is this problem important? In your explanation, apply one of the core sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) to highlight how this problem is sociologically important. In support of your explanation, please cite at least one Learning Resource from our course.

At what level(s) do you propose resolving the problem (e.g., community, state, region, national), and why?

Clearly state your policy suggestion and how it should be carried out, as well as any potential barriers to the success of your proposal.

What do you anticipate might be the positive and negative outcomes of this policy suggestion if implemented?

How might the relative success/failure of the policy be evaluated after one year of implementation?

As part of your conclusion, write a self-reflection: Why did you choose this particular problem to address? What obstacles did you encounter while working on your policy suggestion? What additional information would you need to design your suggestion more effectively?

Your assignment should include at least one Learning Resource from our course and at least one source for the trend information. In addition, you may use other authoritative resources for information and insights. Be sure to use APA-style citations when relying on/quoting from your sources (including the Learning Resources from our course) and include a Reference List at the end of your assignment.




Part 2: Letter to the Editor (200-250 words, the usual recommended length for this type of letter)




Write a convincing and succinct letter (addressed to a major news outlet) to encourage readers to recognize the problem you have identified and persuade them to agree that your policy suggestion should be adopted. Use key information from Part 1 of your Family Policy Project to inform your letter. For the purposes of this assignment, if you need to refer to specific information, use citations as usual and include your references at the end.


Your paper will be reviewed using Turnitin prior to being graded. For more information about the use of Turnitin in this course, please review the material in the syllabus.


Here are two helpful resources on how to write an effective letter to the editor:


Union of Concerned Scientists. (2017). How to write an effective letter to the editor.


WriteExpress. (2020). Write a letter to persuade an editor or the public on an issue.


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