CED 607 San Week 1 School Counsellors Role Worksheet

CED 607 San Week 1 School Counsellors Role Worksheet


Visit the websites for the four professional associations listed in the “Professional Organizations” section below. Locate and review the professional standards/competencies for each organization.

As you review the standards and competencies, look for overlap among the organizations, and identify three currently hot topics related to the school counseling profession that you would like to explore further.

Enter your three hot topics into the assignment worksheet. Then, select one of the three topics for further investigation and analysis.

Once you’ve chosen your hot topic, watch the National University Library Orientation video below. Then, access the School Counseling Library Guide, and locate two resources in the National University Library that relate to and support your hot topic.

Finally, use your chosen resources and the ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies document to complete the assignment worksheet, in which you will identify:

three ASCA Counselor Mindsets that relate to and align with your topic,

eight behaviors for each of the three Mindsets that relate to and align with your top** Website are: https://www.schoolcounselor.org, https://www.schoolcounselor-ca.org/ , https://www.counseling.org/ , https://www.nasponline.org/


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