DeVry University W4 Digital Art and The Contemporary Society Outline

DeVry University W4 Digital Art and The Contemporary Society Outline


This week you will begin working on your Art Appreciation Project by selecting your topic and creating an outline. Please see the Course Project Overview for a comprehensive view of the entire project, which also includes an annotated bibliography and a presentation.


To get started, you will choose an artist or work of art that you enjoy. It does not have to be in our textbook. Here are a few examples of topics students have chosen in the past.


Tattoos as art (focus on a particular tattoo style or tattoo artist)

Comic books and graphic novels as art (focus on a particular artist or character)

Something more traditional: Greek sculpture, the Egyptian Pyramids, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso

Abstract or nonrepresentational art forms; for example, Jackson Pollock

Jewelry, fashion design, everyday objects as art

Automotive design (a certain car model such as a 1965 Mustang)

An unjustly overlooked artist who should be in our textbook, but isn’t

Outlaw artists (graffiti artists such as Banksy)

Digital art

Medieval armor and weaponry

A work of art or artist who changed the world



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