ED 535 WU Accomodation & Adaptation in Literacy Reevaluation Report

ED 535 WU Accomodation & Adaptation in Literacy Reevaluation Report


Course Project.


The final project is similar to the case studies completed throughout the course, with one major difference: you write the case. ( Attached is a student’s information the name is blacked out, but you can just make up a name) Use information based on a student you have taught or create a scenario (attached file RR). You may focus on any area of literacy or a combination of several. It is your task to:


Report and organize formal and informal assessment data and anecdotal evidence from the classroom teacher, parent, and reading specialist.

Summarize and analyze pertinent information

Draw conclusions about the student’s strengths and weaknesses based on this data

Develop a plan to help the student with the literacy issue(s), including individual interventions, classroom instructional changes, and/or recommendations for home. (Include 3-4 for each section must be specific on what program, books, or techologoy to use)

Your plan should include at least 5 sources to support your ideas.



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