EDU 558 Reflection and Improvement

EDU 558 Reflection and Improvement



Teachers and teacher leaders should consistently be engaging in self-reflection and self-improvement. Teachers should also be looking for opportunities for improvement within their classrooms, schools, and even communities. In this assignment, you will look at certain areas of teaching and teaching leadership that will always have room for improvement.



Write a 6–8 page paper in which you:


Analyze new forms of leadership that will support school transformation.

Determine whether any of these new forms of leadership appeal to you and explain why or why not.

Evaluate your leadership style.

Propose three ways that you can improve your leadership style to become a more effective teacher leader.

Propose three suggestions for professional development that will help to make other teachers more effective in their teaching practices.

Propose two ways to promote accountability and establish priorities that produce effective learning.

Create a theory of action to sustain school transformation.

Predict two problems that may develop based on your theory of action. Propose two solutions to these foreseen problems.

Include at least five references (no more than five years old) from material outside the textbook.



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