EDU 625 Professional Development & Collaboration Ethics Analysis

EDU 625 Professional Development & Collaboration Ethics Analysis


TOPIC IV:      Reflection, Professional Development, Collaboration, Ethics


Introduction to Topic (with thesis statement)

Professional Knowledge Base (with CWV integration) – Key Ideas

(Reflection and Professional Development) Discusses relevant research on the historical and philosophical foundations of education. (InTASC 9; CAEP 1.1)

(Collaboration) Discusses how factors in the students’ environment outside of school (g., family circumstances, community environments, health and economic conditions) may influence students’ life and learning. (InTASC 10; CAEP 1.1)

(Ethics) Discusses laws related to student’s rights and teacher responsibilities (InTASC 10; CAEP 1.1)

Application to Practice (with CWV integration)

(Reflection and Professional Development) Provides relevant examples of classroom observation, information about students, and research as sources for evaluating the outcomes of teaching and learning and as a basis for experimenting with, reflecting on, and revising practice. (InTASC 9; CAEP 1.1)

(Collaboration)The teacher makes links with the learners’ other environments on behalf of students, by consulting with parents, counselors, teachers of other classes and activities within the schools, and professionals in other community agencies. (InTASC 10; CAEP 1.1)

(Ethics) The teacher understands and implements laws related to student’s rights and teacher responsibilities. (InTASC 10; CAEP 1.1)

What do the above-mentioned components look like in the classroom?



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