Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records


Electronic Health Records




Submit a 5- to 7-page paper(excluding the title and reference pages) which contains a detailed, written response to the following questions:




Define unintended consequences for an EHR.

How does the Electronic Health Record affect the integrity of the system? Is the information in the EHR compromised due to unintended consequences?

How is quality affected by the use of the EHR in the clinical setting? Does it help or hurt healthcare providers?

Does the EHR help improve safety? If so, how? If not, why not?



Include In The Paper:



The introduction is complete and includes an overview of the EHR and unintended consequences.

  • An explanation of the meaning of unintended consequences is provided


Includes a description of the integrity of the EHR

Provides a detailed discussion of how safety is affected by the use of the EHR.

  • Includes one or two examples of the above

Provides a detailed description of how quality is affected with the use of the EHR.

  • Includes one or two examples.


Provides a detailed explanation of the EHR, how it affects safety and quality in the clinical setting, the integrity of the system, and unintended consequences.


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