FIN 534 P and G Company Financial Research

FIN 534 P and G Company Financial Research


This final financial research report will be 6–8 pages long, including an edited version of the first part. This assignment requires you to use at least five quality academic resources and cover the following topics:


Rationale for choosing the company in which to invest.

Ratio analysis.

Stock price analysis.

This assignment will be 6–8 pages including points 1 and 2 from Part 1


Include your rationale, primary reasons for stock selection,      and client’s profile from Part 1, making any revisions based upon Part 1      feedback if applicable.

Select any five financial ratios that you have learned      about in the text. Analyze the past 3 years of the selected financial      ratios for the company; you may obtain this information from the company’s      financial statements. Determine the company’s financial health. (Note:      Suggested ratios include, but are not limited to, current ratio, quick      ratio, earnings per share, and price earnings ratio.)

Based on your financial review, determine the risk      level of the stock from your investor’s point of view. Indicate key      strategies that you may use in order to minimize these perceived risks.

Provide your recommendations of this stock as an      investment opportunity. Support your rationale with resources, such as      peer-reviewed articles, material from the Strayer University Library, and      reviews by market analysts.

Conduct a literature review and list at least five      quality academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do      not qualify as academic resources.


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