FIN 571 Organizational Financial Plan Project

FIN 571 Organizational Financial Plan Project




Prepare a financial plan for the organization that you select for your business plan.


Describe the organization, including the type of business.


Create the business case.


Determine why funding is needed for the company.

Determine the sources of funding. Consider self-funding, borrowing, equity, venture capital, etc.

Evaluate the requirements of each funding source you determined appropriate.

Analyze the associated risks of each funding source.

Decide which sources are the best fit for your company based on the requirements of each. Justify your decision.

Estimate the cost of capital for both short-term and long-term funding sources. Research current estimated APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) for your selected sources of funding. Consider creating a table or chart to display this information.

All the above items should be submitted via an MS Word document (700 to 1050 words is the minimum range)

Cite a minimum of three references with in-text citations. Note the following regarding written paper assignments:


It should not have to be re-stated, but remember ALL written paper assignments are required to have a reference page AND citations in the body of the text representing all references. A paper with no references OR no citations is considered a form of plagiarism and will result in zero points. Also remember, in text citations are not just for quoted material.


Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Create a profit-and-loss statement for a 3-year period. Provide a revenue forecast, stating realistic assumptions, such as growth per year, in your projections. This should include estimated direct costs, including capital, marketing, labor, equipment, and inventory/supply costs.


Prepare a budget that includes starting balances, monthly costs, loan/investment payments, cash flow projections, and required revenue.



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