GM 592 Business Case for Best Care Health Paper

GM 592 Business Case for Best Care Health Paper


In this final, you will be assessed on the following Outcome:


GM592-6: Evaluate the integration of project management plans according to industry standards.


You will also demonstrate your mastery of the previous course outcomes in this final:


GM592-1: Plan scope management with associated communications.


GM592-2: Plan schedule management with associated resources.


GM592-3: Plan cost management with associated resources.


GM592-4: Plan quality management using qualitative/quantitative analysis.


GM592-5: Plan risk management using qualitative/quantitative analysis.


Virtual Team Best Practice- Supplemental Resource


In this final, you will be working in a virtual team. Reading the following study will be helpful to the success of your team. It can help you in resolving issues or problems you may encounter on a virtual team. This 2008 study, conducted by the authors, involves 48 virtual teams in 16 organizations spanning several industries. As a result, the book is linked to research, and appropriate for graduate studies (details of the study are provided in the appendix). At the same time, the authors have attempted to write the book for practitioners. It is designed to be a go-to guide for managers and leaders. Each chapter stands alone. You can turn directly to a chapter that addresses an immediate need or interest. Note in the Introduction on page xxvii that there is a quick reference guide for using the book. You can find a challenge or question of interest and turn directly to that chapter. You may download this eBook to use in the future with subsequent virtual teams.


Available in the Digital Book link from the left navigation of your course:


Lipsinger, R., & DeRosa, D. (2010). Virtual team success: A practical guide for working and leading from a distance. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


This final team assignment is focused on applying key planning processes to a healthcare situation. Your team will create artifacts associated with scope, schedule, cost, risk, and procurement. Please note that your team has the latitude to use the appropriate plans and tools to meet the requirements, even if it means creating your templates, matrices, and documents. Make sure you use your creative skills to do this work. The bottom line is to ensure the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the customer’s specifications.


In this team assignment, you will continue the discussion regarding Best Care Health (BCH) from GM591. The Board is impressed with the work your team has completed to date, including the business case, statement of work, project charter, milestone chart, and high-level budget. At the recent Phase Gate review, the key stakeholders gave the “Go” decision for this project.


As a team, please provide the following deliverables:


Create a scope baseline with a clear explanation of the deliverables. The project scope statement must be clearly defined.

Include a work breakdown structure (WBS). The granularity of the WBS is left to the team; however, please note that sufficient detail is important. Further, create a WBS dictionary for six of the work packages.

Create a schedule baseline that includes the milestones. The team selects the tool that is used to create the schedule.

Create a cost baseline for your project. Please review the format used in the Unit 3 Assignment.

Create a procurement management plan. Please make sure to discuss work that will be outsourced.

Create a quality management plan. Please review the format used in the Unit 4 Assignment.

Create a risk register for your project. Please review the format used in the Unit 5 Assignment.

Please note the instructions here are general in nature. Your team should decide how the work is presented. In other words, feel free to use any program, such as Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Project®, and so on. You may include charts, diagrams, etc. from other software programs into your final submission.


The team must collaborate to ensure the appropriate tools are used to complete the work. You can find templates on the Internet. However, please note that you can also develop tools that work for you. A key point to remember is that the executives appreciate a straightforward approach, which makes it easier for them to make decisions.


All team members must do their share. A good recommendation is to assign a project manager who will guide the team members. When issues arise, the team should hold themselves accountable. When team member inactivity or conflict is persistent, please reach out to the instructor.


This planning phase is critical to project success. The team can expect to make a presentation to the Board, which will make a “Go/No Go” decision. Please ensure that all documents and plans have the level of detail necessary.



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