GM 593 PUG Project Budgeting & Implementation Best Care Health Essay

GM 593 PUG Project Budgeting & Implementation Best Care Health Essay


GM593-5: Evaluate strategies to ensure effective resource allocation.


You will also demonstrate your mastery of the previous course outcomes in this final:


GM593-1: Construct a project scope control system based on a decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


GM593-2: Examine the different methods of estimating costs.


GM593-3: Conduct Earned Value Management (EVM).


GM593-4: Analyze potential resource conflicts.


Virtual Team Best Practice- Supplemental Resource


In this final, you will be working in a virtual team. Reading the following study will be helpful to the success of your team. It can help you in resolving issues or problems you may encounter on a virtual team. This 2008 study, conducted by the authors, involves 48 virtual teams in 16 organizations spanning several industries. As a result, the book is linked to research, and appropriate for graduate studies (details of the study are provided in the appendix). At the same time, the authors have attempted to write the book for practitioners. It is written to be a go-to guide for managers and leaders. Each chapter stands alone. You can turn directly to a chapter that addresses an immediate need or interest. Note in the Introduction on page xxvii that there is a quick reference guide for using the book. You can find a challenge or question of interest and turn directly to that chapter. You may download this eBook to use in the future with subsequent virtual teams.


Available in the Digital Book link from the left navigation of your course:


Lipsinger, R., & DeRosa, D. (2010). Virtual team success: A practical guide for working and leading from a distance. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


This final team assignment is focused on applying key executing and monitoring and controlling processes to a healthcare situation. Please note that your team has the latitude to use the appropriate plans and tools to meet the requirements, even if it means creating your templates, matrices, and documents. Make sure you use your creative skills to do this work. The bottom line is to ensure the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the customer’s specifications.


In this team assignment, you will continue the discussion regarding Best Care Health (BCH) from GM592. The Board is impressed with the work your team has completed to date, including the scope baseline, work breakdown structure (WBS), schedule baseline, milestones, and subsidiary plans (i.e., cost, quality, and procurement). At the recent Phase Gate review, the key stakeholders gave the “Go” decision for this project.


Review Best Case Health (BCH) scenario:


You were recently hired as a project manager by Best Care Health (BCH). You impressed the hiring committee because of your experience managing HIPAA-related projects. The leaders at BCH are progressive, and they are committed to being pioneers in the field of telemedicine, which pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of patients by using telecommunications technology.


BCH operates 43 hospital campuses across the United States, and all these facilities are in rural areas. To make care more accessible to its patients, BCH wants to launch the telemedicine option as soon as possible.


Mission Statement: Best Care Health (BCH) is to provide quality, innovative, and accessible medical care to individuals residing in the areas that we service.


Vision Statement: We are committed to becoming the hospital of choice for the communities we serve, and we embrace innovative technologies that enhance the health care services we provide.


As a team, please provide the following deliverables:


Provide clear details regarding your project scope control system. What is included? How do you plan to measure performance? Please include a discussion regarding the roles and responsibilities.

Apply the estimating techniques to your budgeting process, such as expert judgment, analogous, parametric, bottom-up, and three-point. Please note that your team is creating the budget for your project. The requirement is to ensure you have a process by which estimating is done, and this is where the techniques are used.

You will make assumptions regarding performance, which means the project is in the execution phase. Please use earned value management (EVM) techniques to show your project in the following situations: (a) performing poorly, (b) on target, (c) performing better than expected. Please use at least eight EVM calculations to present these different scenarios. Along with the calculations, please provide a short explanation regarding the result, and explain future actions that you might take given where you stand.

Create a resource assignment matrix (RAM) and determine how you plan to manage conflict for each resource. Please include a discussion regarding the appropriate interpersonal skills that can help you with resource management. Please note this is an action-document that is designed to help the team be prepared for contingencies that impact the project.



Title page formatted in current APA style with the following information: Title of the paper, your name, course number and section number, and date.

A table of contents using the following headers: Executive Summary, Introduction (3–5 sentences including thesis statement), Project Scope Control System, Estimating Techniques for Budgeting Process, Earned Value Management (EVM) Techniques, Resource Assignment Matrix (RAM), Recommendations, Conclusion, and References.

A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited according to current APA formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations.

The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 1,500–2,000-words specific to the table of content items, excluding references.

Directions for Submitting Your Final:


To submit your Unit 6 Final, have one person designated by the team upload all documents to the Unit 6 Final Dropbox. Make sure that you have saved a copy of each of the tools to submit for this Final.

Each team member must submit a Team Peer Evaluation Form individually to your Unit 6 Final Dropbox. The form is located in Course Documents under Course Resources.


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