HCA 325 Strategic Planning Presentation

HCA 325 Strategic Planning Presentation



For this assignment, imagine you have just started working as the new CEO of a rural healthcare facility that has 60 acute primary care hospital beds and 120 skilled nursing facility beds (the SNF has long-term and transitional care). The healthcare institution is accredited. Your current task is to prepare a presentation for Strategic Planning for the Board of Directors at the upcoming monthly meeting.




Background and Demographics:



Healthcare services in the community include a 24/7 emergency department in the hospital. There is also an outpatient surgery center located about 10 miles away from the hospital that performs a high percentage of cataract surgeries and also does diagnostic radiology services as well as laboratory services, a behavioral health center, home health services, hospice services, and a birthing center which was added to the hospital about 20 years ago.




The healthcare institution has served three communities for over 40 years. The population of all three communities comprises about 60,000. The median age for two of the communities averages 42-43 years old. The other community averages 25 years old and includes a military base that has its own hospital on base. The average family size is just over three for all communities. Overall, about 47% of the population is married. There are almost three million visitors that come to visit a National Park as a tourist attraction in the community.




In past years the acute hospital had a reputation as a ‘band-aid’ station which was underserved as there are excellent staff and equipment; your plan might consider ways you as the CEO can work with the community leaders to change impressions. It has also been difficult to recruit qualified physicians to the area. The next closest competing healthcare institution is located 35 miles away that offers 385 beds and is the only Level II Trauma Center in the area.




TIP: If you need further data and demographics, you can create hypothetical information.




Prepare a Strategic Planning PowerPoint presentation to address the following six key elements on separate slides for an upcoming Board of Directors meeting.




What do you plan to do to foster strategic thinking in this situation?

Cover at least 2-3 ideas.

How will you involve your team and encourage them to think strategically?

Cover at least 2-3 ideas.

List the items in your action plan for the next 90 days, six months, and one year (you might use a table to cover).

At least three different items are needed for each different time frame of the action plan.

What are the various strategic options that you have considered, and the reasons for your preferred choices?

Cover at least 2-3 ideas.

Prepare a SWOT analysis for the organization. Also, mention what metrics you would use to measure your progress (you might want the metric proposals on a separate slide).

NOTE: You need at least three items for Strengths and three items for Weaknesses (these are internal to the firm) and at least three items for Opportunities and at least three items for Threats, which are external to the firm.

What are individuals, organizations, and structures that might present obstacles or challenges for successful implementation of your plans? Which individuals, organizations, and structures could be supportive for your actions? Why? You might use a table or two slides for this last element.



Include at least one research point from the textbook to show lesson application in your presentation. Additional research support from other credible sources is encouraged. A recent peer-reviewed library source would demonstrate scholarly research to give further credibility to your ideas in work. Be sure to reference and cite to give credit to the text and/or outside resource in work! The detailed reference needs to be on a final ‘References’ slide at the end of the presentation, and cite(s) must be on respective slide(s) where research ideas are applied for credit.




PowerPoint Presentation Best Practices:




Use a cover slide with your name on it.

No more than six bullets on a slide.

No more than six words to a line.

Use a professional layout and design

Incorporate at least one relevant graphic (diagram, table, image)

Avoid animations that are distracting.

Include a reference slide at end of presentation for research, and in-text citations on slides where you use information

Audio is not needed for the presentation as you would use your bullet points as your talking points.





Points Possible:40

30 (5 points each question): Each case question is addressed with critical thinking in analysis evident.


5 points: Research from the text with reference and in-text citation in applicable slides of the presentation.


5 points for following PowerPoint best practices


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