Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform







We can see that the health care system have impacts on a person life whether in a direct or indirect manner. The new care reforms are seen as among the Patient Protection and Affordable care act and has become a completed law. One much more analysis of them you get to find out that some of these elements may affect us or are even affecting as we are going on with our lives while others do not affect us in any way. We can see the five health care elements that need reforms being:




Health Insurance Exchanges



Due to the improved technological involvement in health care practices were can seek out the idea as the biggest component. We can associate these with health care online activities. That will involve marketplaces that have got people typing in their details and asking for services related to insurance cover. The whole activity is often state-run, or government run. We can also see that it has a variety of impact concerning whoever is carrying on the activity. The state variety when you are unemployed or your employer does not offer the insurance policy.




Medical Loss Ratio And Rebate Checks



We’re able to see that the amount of premium spend is well calculated in the picture above. That is because the primary reason for health care reforms sees to it that the companies only spend some percentage of the premiums suffered. Large organizations are restricted to about 85% of the premiers to handle the risks incurred while small organizations have an expenditure average of about 80 percentages of the entire desired premium cut prices. We need the system to check and up and running because of the irrelevance on the variation of the insurance expenditure in that process. The process should, therefore, be embraced unless we have some occurrences where the medical trends have changed drastically. It will lead to the overall payments going out to decrease as the years pass by (Bevan et la, 2006).




Covering Pre-Existing Conditions



The process is seen to be much, more convenient because it does not deny anybody coverage of the pre-existing conditions. Helps in the process of getting pre-existing treatments without going bankrupt(Wachter et la 1996).  The process, however, is seen to be faced by a couple of disadvantages. That is because it does away with the sieve conditions of ensuring we have a generalization of the healthy and unhealthy like individuals on a collective procedure like process into the health care systems. The process would have some effects on you since you will see an overall raise in the cost of care. You are however protected from any worries that would come up even though the cost is the only factor that would stand on your way.




Rate Bands



We can see several insurance brands are important for a variety of health care reforms accompanied. We gain a limiting factor on the variance of the each and every individual to help in the task well set. There are a number of variations when it comes to the cost of premiums as we have factors used to rating the policies as Age, family and individual participation, drug use, as we as the geographic locations specified. We also get to see the process as being more convenient than any other because of the cost incurred the range is more or less the same. The variation in terms of a ratio between the cheapest and the most expensive expenditure would have a variation in a ratio of about 1:3. We, therefore, have the healthiest people paying very high rates on the insurance cover while the less healthy people are paying less to deal with the situation.




Dependence Relies On Parents Insurance Till Age 26



We can see the all the major reforms used to maintain the dependence to be on their parents health insurance plans of any age under the age of 26. It is considered a straightforward regulation that will help see to it that the process maintenance procedure is up and running very well and efficiently. The young one’s transition period right from high school through college is then meant to be well covered and the work forced well encouraged since you have some good care in terms of health considerations. The inclusion of regulation is very hard out of the weak economic climate found at the process specified.


This current program impacts on the current system in much more way that could be imagined. That is through the process of governance and taking into consideration the health care system in the specified process above. That is because they are all set with an effort to ensure we gain lots to gain concerning the health care services among others. Despite what may be seen as quite disadvantageous the bottom line is we have service provision for that matter. That, therefore, ensures the health conditions of individuals is good and up to the task. Concerning the particular element, we can also see different rates of cost incurred in the consideration process in terms of the insurance. We can therefore say to the places where the elements affects you directly you could take the initiative and see to it that we have proper analysis process and, therefore, ensuring we gain whatever is it we solely yearn for in terms of having our insurance cover. How, however, ought to leave alone that hat are away from what we need as an organization or as an individual, therefore, avoiding unnecessary losses (Duckett 2004).







In conclusion, we can be able to see how the process is convenient through a variety of life examples. That will involve the process of having health care services having some protection let’s say those under the age of 26 being provided with health care policies. We can also see some variation in the types of health care policies in the process you are operating as a small organization or as a larger organization. The health care review process will be helpful in considered such activities to the desired goals (Hsiao 1995







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