HIST 108 Americas Civil War in the 1860s Paper

HIST 108 Americas Civil War in the 1860s Paper


This is an optional assignment for extra credit and it is not mandatory. It is due no later than December 10th. The assignment is for you to watch the brief video summary of the Civil War and reply to a question afterwards. This is worth a maximum of 15 points. The amount of points you receive depends on the quality of your response. Once again, I must remind students not to copy anything from the internet.


Please click on the following link to watch the video. It is just over 27 minutes long and will help you if you are able to watch it before taking the final exam.


Click on the “watch on YouTube” link to see it and you must start it over at the beginning. For some reason when I preview a video to share I’m having trouble getting it to open at the very beginning so please adjust it when you see it to watch the whole thing.




Please type a thoughtful response to the following question.


What do you think of the battlefield tactics and casualties caused during the Civil War, which military commanders were the most successful, and was it all worth it?



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