HIST 131 Implementation of the Articles of Confederation

HIST 131 Implementation of the Articles of Confederation


HIS 131: Primary Source Analysis #2


James Madison’s The Federalist Papers, No. 45


Directions: Read James Madison’s The Federalist Papers, No. 45, found on pages 152-155 of For the Record, and then answer each question in a complete paragraph (5 complete sentences minimum for each series of questions; this means you should have at least 25 sentences by the time you are complete). You may use the document, the editors’ italicized introduction to the document, For the Record, America, and any relevant resources I provided to you on Moodle but outside research is not permitted. Be sure to include specific examples from the selected document in your responses where relevant and explain your reasoning behind why you came to the conclusions that you did. When you use examples, paraphrase, or quote a source, make sure to cite your sources using MLA in-text citations and to include a works cited page. Upload your completed analysis to Moodle by 11:59 P.M. on Friday, April 16th.


Who created this document (don’t just list a name here – provide some background information on the person)? When and where did the author write this document (provide historical context)?

What type of document is this? What was the meaning of the document in its own time? Why was this document written? (i.e. What motives prompted the author to write this document? Who is the intended audience?)

What are the main points of the document?

What do Madison’s arguments indicate about American society during the period when the document was created, including the historical factors that led to the adoption of the Constitution? What does the document reveal about the colonial experiences of Americans?

How is this source a useful tool for learning about the past? What problems would historians confront in using this source?

All work should be uniquely your own. Students submitting responses with identical wording (excluding direct quotes) will earn a grade of 0 for cheating with no opportunity to make up the assignment. If you have trouble with the assignment, let me know as soon as possible.



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