HUMN 3013 Week 3 Sociocultural Factors Georgias Service Plan

HUMN 3013 Week 3 Sociocultural Factors Georgias Service Plan


Consider the following scenario:


Bryon is in recovery from alcohol addiction, and he has recently been assigned to your caseload. You and Bryon have established an objective for Bryon’s service plan. The objective states that he will attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at a local church. However, in talking further, you realize that Bryon does not have reliable transportation to meet this objective. He also happens to live in a community where liquor stores outnumber supermarkets.


Sociocultural aspects—a person’s ethnicity and culture, social support, education, gender, financial stability, housing and living situation, religious values, and more—can impact case management, including how you work with the service user. They may also present benefits or barriers to service plan goals.


For this Assignment, you identify the sociocultural factors for your fictional service user that may impact the service plan.


To Prepare

Review all available information on your selected service user in Hart City.

By Day 7

Submit a 1- to 2-page paper in which you complete the following:


Describe the sociocultural factors for your selected service user. In what ways might these be relevant to the case management relationship and the service plan?

Identify and describe barriers that may prevent the service user from achieving the goals and objectives of the service plan. These barriers could relate to transportation challenges, lack of family support, stigma, medical insurance, limited income, etc.

Why do you consider these to be barriers?


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