Illinois State Budget Analysis

Illinois State Budget Analysis


Illinois is a state in the eastern region of the United States of America and has been named to be the sixth populous and 25th largest in term of land area. Every state in the United States of America has its budget that that should be analyzed by the state government to determine whether the state is operating in surplus or deficit and determine whether there is a growth in revenue.


After the analysis of the 2011 budget, it remains easier in having an investigation regarding the progress of the state of Illinois. Firstly, the state has money in the reserve because they have increased sales of the bond, which is estimated to raise up to $3.7 billion. These bonds are much importance in increasing the revenues of the Illinois state. From a clear analysis of the budget, there is the indication that the state has deficit. This is because they are supposed to pay 57 billion as debt that they have borrowed to other states or countries. This indicates that the state should come up with ways that can help them in paying the debts and remain effective in running the operations of the state (Anton, 2006).


There is no indication that there is a growing revenue because rather than the debts that the state is supposed to pay decrease it is increasing. Therefore, there is the indication that there is the decline in revenue. The expenditures are growing largely in education and at the same time, protection. This is a sign that the state is much concerned with the education and protection of the people of Illinois. The actual spending remains to be higher as compared to budgeted amount and this is what results in deficits of the budget of the state.







Anton, T. J. (2006). The politics of state expenditure in Illinois. Urbana, U. of Illinois P.


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