ISSC 431 Security & Privacy of Health Data Proposal

ISSC 431 Security & Privacy of Health Data Proposal


Database Security Research Paper and Outline




In this course, each student is required to conduct research and write a paper that covers an approved topic area of database security. Present your choice of topic for the Database Security Research Paper. Your topic proposal should be at least one paragraph in length with citations to at least two references (besides the book) that help support the topic you wish to research. A brief summary of these references should be included. In addition, you must provide a one (1) page, high-level outline of your paper. Draft and final versions of the research paper are due by the end of Weeks 5 and 7, respectively.


Although this is not a graded assignment, the quality of the research paper proposal and outline will factor into the overall research paper grade.


Topics for the Database Security Research Paper


Below are examples of the topics students may choose from, or one can be suggested by the student for approval by the instructor.


Anonymization/Pseudonymization, Data Hiding, Metadata and Security, XML Security, Authorization and Access Control, Data Integrity, Privacy Preserving Data Mining, Statistical Database Security, Control of Data Disclosure, Private Information Retrieval, Secure Stream Processing, Secure Auditing, Data Retention, Search on Encrypted Data, Digital and Enterprise Rights Management, Multimedia Security and Privacy, Private Authentication, Identity Management, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Security and Semantic Web, Security and Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing, Security and Privacy of Health Data, Web Service Security, Trust Management, Policy Management, Applied Cryptography


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