ITEC 8437 Running Nonparametric & Chi Square Test

ITEC 8437 Running Nonparametric & Chi Square Test


The chi-square test is the most important and most used nonparametric test. According to the Green and Salkind text, a one-sample chi-square test “evaluates whether the proportions of individuals who fall into categories of a variable are equal to hypothesized values” (p. 257). Additionally, the Mann-Whitney U test “evaluates whether the medians on a test variable differ significantly between two groups” (p. 270). The Mann-Whitney U test is a nonparametric alternative to the independent-sample t test.


This week, you will use the IT Security Dataset to run the One-Sample Chi-Square Test and the Mann-Whitney U Test.




Use the Assignment Exemplar.


Your paper must include the following elements:


An APA Results Section for each nonparametric test. (See examples of APA Results Sections in Lessons 40: One-Sample Chi-Square Test (p. 260) and Mann-Whitney UTest (p. 270) of the Green and Salkind text.

The critical elements of your SPSS output, including:

A properly formatted research question

A properly formatted H10(null) and H1a (alternate) hypothesis

A descriptive statistics narrative and properly formatted descriptive statistics table (see page 261 and page 272 of the Green and Salkind text)

A properly formatted frequency distribution graphfor the one-sample chi-square (see page 262) and a boxplot for the Mann-Whitney U Test (see page 270)

A properly formatted inferential APA Results Section (see page 260 and page 270 of the Green and Salkind text)

An appendix including the SPSS output generated for descriptive and inferential statistics (for SPSS output, see page 261 for the one-sample chi-square and page 272 for the Mann Whitney U test)



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