Justice Studies Persuasive Essay

Justice Studies Persuasive Essay



Topic- Justice Studies



Video evidence gathered from police body camera and dash-cams should/should not be released to the public

Gender equity is/is not a major issue in criminal justice employment

Privatizing prisons will/will not make the system more efficient

Participation in restorative justice programs does/does not reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders

Systemic discrimination has/has not led to disparities in the criminal justice system

An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.

Three body paragraphs that each focus on a separate supporting idea.

A concluding paragraph that summarizes your main idea and provides a call to action.

A properly formatted reference page in APA style that lists all sources used in the paper.

Careful proofreading for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.



As you prepare, here are a few reminders for this week’s draft:



Use your sources to support your thesis. Research and prepare the passages you will consider using. Remember to review methods of paraphrasing, summarizing, and using direct quotations. You should cite at least five sources in the body of your essay, and at least three of those sources should come from the Rasmussen College Online Library.

Prepare the body paragraphs by deciding where to place supporting information. Remember, each paragraph of the paper should act to build the momentum of the argument.

Use pathos, logos, and ethos in you persuasive strategy, as well as counterargument and rebuttal.


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