JWI 530 Week 5 Amazon Devices and Services

JWI 530 Week 5 Amazon Devices and Services


Earnings Call Review


Listen to (or read the transcript of) your organization’s or any publicly traded company’s most recent quarterly earnings call and respond to the following questions:


TIP: To find an earnings call or transcript, go to the “Investor Relations” section of the company’s website. There you will find links to financial reports and recordings of recent calls.


Identify the company you selected.

Have you ever listened to an earnings call?

What topics were included? Which were most helpful or insightful? Were there topics you wished were included or expanded upon?

Was there a discussion of profit or EPS by Company Management? Explain what this implies, what is the driving force, and what actions you would recommend?

Were the analysts’ questions aggressive and challenging or supportive and respectful? How well did management respond to the questions?

What additional insights were you able to gain in regards to the company’s financial health, forward guidance, and strategic financial decisions?

Was there any information or perspective shared that a competitor could benefit from?

If you were an employee of this company, how could you leverage this resource to benefit you or your company?



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