JWI 555 WK 4 Rationale for Change & Organizational Operations

JWI 555 WK 4 Rationale for Change & Organizational Operations


Now that you created a vision for your company, it’s time to communicate it. Using the guidance from Kotter in Chapter 6, identify two different stakeholders from different departments and develop a draft communication that explains how your proposed changes will impact them and what’s in it for them. Items to consider in your communication:


Explain the rationale for change.

Address the “What’s in it for me?” question.

Clearly communicate the danger of not making a change.

Ensure that your message is based on facts, or a strong case that you support well.

Consider your style for dealing with change, as revealed in the CSI Assessment that you took in Week 4. Looking back at your message, how do you think your CSI style affected your communication to the stakeholders?



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