KINE 4490 The University of Texas at Arlington Kinesiology Presentation

KINE 4490 The University of Texas at Arlington Kinesiology Presentation



Guidelines for Special Project:




Must be put into WORD or PowerPoint presentation format and turned in at the end of the semester by the deadline. For PowerPoint provide a minimum of 15 slides that does not include the title slide or references. For WORD provide a minimum of 15 pages and no greater than double spaced content. One inch maximum formatting for margins. You may provide pictures and charts but keep in mind that the content and the overall presentation appearance will be part of the grade. Simply providing 15 slides with a single sentence and picture on each will not be acceptable. You must have at least 3 peer reviewed research studies or Kinesiology related Textbooks as part of your references. Make this project look like 20% of your final grade.


Suggested ideas for the project include but are not limited to:


-Informational ECG file. Both real life ECGs and descriptions of each.


-Documenting a workout program. Specific exercises and how to do them.


-Nutritional Information. Types of foods, supplements, healthy vs. unhealthy foods for your clients.


-Outlining your organization of a special event. Include tasks, flyers, programs, information about event.


-Information on a specific disorder or injury. Knee, shoulder, concussion. Surgery and rehab techniques.



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