LBS 2030 Rasmussen College Personal Training and Development

LBS 2030 Rasmussen College Personal Training and Development


Many organizations are rethinking their performance management practice as these processes tend to create stress and tension in the workforce just before performance review times. Organizations have noted that employees and managers alike dread the process of performance reviews which can hinder performance and employee satisfaction. Due to this, some organizations, like Patagonia, are removing the annual performance review altogether.


Initial Post: Share your opinion of your current annual review process. If you don’t currently or have never had an annual review process, find a company that offers annual reviews and discuss their process. In one to two paragraphs, discuss the following:


What do you think of the process? Does it help motivate you? Is it outdated?

Are there better ways to manage employees’ performance to motivate, engage, and inspire them?

Reply Posts: Respond to a classmate discussing the differences in your experiences including why and how they are different.



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