Live Our Liveshighest Human Good Plato Reflectional Paper

Live Our Liveshighest Human Good Plato Reflectional Paper


present Plato’s answer to the following questions: How should we live our lives? And, What is the highest human good?


The goal of this assignment is to find an argument in a the text I have provided and report it clearly and accurately.


What my paper must contain: Paragraph One: the thesis. Begin by identifying your author and state their answer to the questions. You should identify a single word or phrase that your chosen author takes as the highest human good, and a single sentence to describe how they suggest we should live our lives.


Next two to four paragraphs: Present the author’s argument. Over the next two to four paragraphs, present the author’s argument for the answers you stated in the first paragraph. You must support and explain their argument using quotes from the text I provided. Please do not use any other sources or texts other than those I provide. Do not cite other versions or editions of these texts, either.


Final paragraphs: summary and evaluation. Sum up the argument you just presented in a single, clear paragraph, in your own words. Finally, evaluate the argument. Is it convincing? If not, why not?


When you quote or reference the text, cite it! Your citation can be in any style, but must include author, title, page or paragraph number, and publication info. Publication info includes the book publisher, if it’s a printed book; a web address if it is online; or something like “PDF provided by instructor,” if it is one of our course PDFs.


The paper must be at least three full pages long (double spaced, 12 point font, etc). The title page and works cited/bibliography pages do not count toward this number.


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