MKT 462 Topic 6 Benchmark – Social Media Calendar

MKT 462 Topic 6 Benchmark – Social Media Calendar



The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the role of social media in marketing and how businesses apply customer relationship strategies and tactics used to enhance customer loyalty.


Complete the “Benchmark – Social Media Calendar” template, following the directions provided in the template.


solid academic writing is expected.


Apply customer relationship management strategies and tactics to enhance customer loyalty for product and services market.




Benchmark – Social Media Calendar



Use this template to create a social media calendar for Lopes Active that includes posts for Sunday through Saturday (7 posts total). Include a message, video/image, and social media platform for each post. Avoid using only one social media platform and instead have a mix (e.g., Instagram, TikTok, Twitter). In addition to completing the calendar, build a mockup of an Instagram post, which can be done using or another program. Include the mockup in the completedtemplate.




When developing the social media posts, keep the following in mind:




Engagement: Include posts that will encourage engagement among the social followers.

Customer Relationships and Loyalty: Consider posts that will build customer relationships and loyalty.



Publish Date    Social Media Message            Video/Image   Social Platform










Instagram Post

<Insert image>




After completing the social media calendar and Instagram post mockup, write a justification that explains your rationale for the social media posts and selected platforms (hint: reference your personas from the previous assignment). Explain how the posts will align to a business’s strategies and tactics used for engagement, loyalty, and building customer relationships. The justification must be between 250-350 words. Insert the justification in the template.





<Insert 250-350-word justification>


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