Motivational Interviewing Report

Motivational Interviewing Report



Below is an example video of Motivational Interviewing in a group setting. There were not many examples to choose from in my research, but this one highlights a tobacco cessation group. In the video, you will see an MI strategy called OARS.


MI Strategy: OARS in a Group Setting Video


Open-ended Questions


Personal Affirmations


Listen & Engage in Reflections


Provide Summaries

This MI Strategies Cheat sheet (mi_strategies_cheat_sheet.pdf ) can also assist you in identifying the OARS for the MI interview in this assignment.


1) Review the Video – Review the mock video of a Social Worker conducting an MI session with a client. Although this is a session with only one client, watch the video and take notes so you can identify the MI strategies the social worker used not only as outlined from the Cheat Sheet but also from the information listed in the text. You will need to reflect on BOTH for your response.

MI Session with a Social Worker Video


2) Write Up Your Response – Based on your review of the video, MI Cheat Sheet, text, and any other research or applicable resources, summarize your findings in APA format. – 30 points

Make sure you have headers to clearly identify and clarify the different sections covered.


Cite your information within your paper when you reference information you used from the text or other sources as I will be looking to see where you took the information learned and applied it to this assignment.

Your document should identify the OARS, MI Principles, and any other MI concepts discussed from the text that you identified in the video.



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