MUSI 1107 Concert at Atlanta Symphony Hall

MUSI 1107 Concert at Atlanta Symphony Hall


Concert Attendance Feedback Questions


When writing your report, answer the following questions as

thoroughly as possible. Be sure to give specific examples from

the music to justify any statements that you make.

**Complete reports will be a minimum of 3 complete pages in

length, double-spaced, size-12 font.**


You don’t need to write your name or any header on your

report; you may choose to do so, but it will not count towards 3

pages of the report. Your name will appear in the assignment

folder that I access to grade these, so including it in your paper

isn’t necessary.

The format and layout of the paper is up to you. Make sure to

include all of the following information. Please do not

copy/paste and include the questions below into your own


1. Describe each selection of the program from a musical standpoint.

Use terms discussed in class (especially from LM 1-2). Be as specific

as possible. Also, be sure to include your own opinion and personal

reactions to each piece.

2. Rate the performance quality of the overall concert. Discuss

communication, if any, between the performers onstage. Explain with


3. How, if at all, did the performers communicate with the audience?

Use specific examples. If program notes were provided, did you find

them useful? How?

4. Describe the audience’s response and behavior throughout the

concert. Explain with specific examples.



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