NRS 440VN Reflection Paper

NRS 440VN Reflection Paper


Recommendation 4: Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020.

I am helping in this initiative as I continue pursuing my baccalaureate degree.    I will be part of the 80 plus percent that they will get to.  Which is awesome that I am fitting into a nursing future IOM recommendation.  I will be able to discuss with my kids later in life.  I am also assisting with this by encouraging my fellow nurses to continue to pursue higher education degrees.  I develop relationships with nurse I work with, become a mentor and continue to push them to continue to higher education.  Most are super receptive and some have even started their degree programs.  I continue to push others that are not as motivated.  We are on target to meet goal with most states by 2020 (IOM report, 2015).  The goal of 80% of all nurses be baccalaureate prepared is a little high but I do feel like it is an attainable goal and I will do anything I can do to help with the future of nursing’s success.


Recommendation 5: Double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020.

After much thought and consideration, I am seriously considering pursuing my doctorate of nursing practice.  After learning that this is another goal, I want to be a part of accomplishing a goal related to the future of nursing.   I’m not sure how much more school it is, but I will begin doing research on schools and programs.   It would be a great experience and would allow me more opportunities.  I would not have thought about it before I started this program but now definitely want to be a part of making history and getting to that double number by 2020.


Recommendation 6: Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning.

I will engage in lifelong learning.  It is part of being able to keep our license current and certifications current.  I have to have so many CEU’s to keep my RN and CCM.  I will be a lifelong learner and will assist in attaining this goal also.


Identify your options in the job market based on your educational level.


How will increasing your level of education affect how you compete in the current job market?

It will assist me in obtaining a director of case management position in an acute care hospital.  I have interviewed for 2 acute care hospitals and this is what held me up from getting the jobs.  I need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to obtain this type of position, regardless of my knowledge base and experience.  I do understand why they require advanced degrees now after taking all of my classes.  I didn’t realize the difference until I started to research for my different classes.  Now I am even able to speak to my colleagues regarding the importance of advancing your education in nursing.  Research backs up arguments regarding education levels in nursing practice.


How will increasing your level of education affect your role in the future of nursing?

Increasing my education level will open doors for me I have never dreamed of.  I am a very hardworking and am constantly seeking a challenge.  I feel like I can meet all my set targets I am assigned.  I am ready to move on further to see where I will land.  I will not have a limit to what I can do in nursing once I obtain my higher education degrees.  The ANA acknowledges the need for nurses to take on a leadership role (Future of nursing report, 2011).








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