. of 1 + 110% Part I: Discuss the most significant geopolitical…

 . of 1 + 110% Part I: Discuss the most significant geopolitical…


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of 1 + 110% Part I: Discuss the most significant geopolitical implications of 3 of the following: 20 points each. (60%) Don’t merely tell me what it is – tell me how it is significant to geopolitics. This question is not googleble! In other words, don’t merely provide a dictionary definition not WHAT-WHO WHEN but HOW and WHY they are important to geopolitics: provide examples/cost benefit analysis, critical analysis, advantages and disadvantages, compare and contrast -1 page per answer. 1. Periodic Table of Emerging Markets 2. The EU vs. NAFTA/USMCA 3. Justin Trudeau and family goes to India…. (Picture in lecture 1 1 last week…) 4. Geopolitical Crisis Report (free marks – write about what you found most interesting about your report) 5. Xi Jinping vs. Narendra Modi Part II: Essay/Case Studies: Answer. 40 points (40%) Answer in complete paragraphs only; point form not allowed – present your own answers please, WARNING – this question is not googleble! 2 -3 pages 1. The final case study based course module focused on the shifts of global geopolitical power and influence across regions. Choose 2 major geopolitical powers and assess their comparative strengths and weaknesses, Finally, in your analysis, which geopolitical power will exert the most global power and influence in the year…. 2060? Search

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