OPS 350 Inventory Management Strategies

OPS 350 Inventory Management Strategies




Discuss how to utilize forecasting methodologies in order to decide which model to use in product development. How does this relate to inventory management strategies?


What is Sales and Operations Planning?


Do you know if your company does this type of activity?


How does sales and operations planning help resolve product or service shortage problems?


Have you gotten to take part in any of these meetings or strategic sessions in forecasting, or provide some input?


I have had my involvement with this process, and the success of it can really depend on the culture and cross departmental communication. Some organizations which are sales driven may only want Operations to deliver the products or services and do it their way. On the other hand, planning, scheduling and delivery can be more mutually arranged if the dialogue can be effective and more pre-sales.


And here is one that I really enjoy about sales and operations getting caught off guard…or not..sir…



(75 second video showing a Sales and Operations Planning meeting – Oracle)



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