PHY 232 Electric Field and Electric Charge Concept Map

PHY 232 Electric Field and Electric Charge Concept Map


A concept map based on  Physics II. chapters ( chapters will be provided) . The central idea of the concept map is Electromagnetism. You create a concept map by writing key words (sometimes enclosed in shapes such as circles, boxes, triangles, etc.) and then drawing arrows between the ideas that are related. Then you add a short explanation by the arrow to explain how the concepts are related.


Chapter 21- Electric field and Electric charge (21.1 Electric Charge,


21.2 Conductors, Insulators and Induced Charges


21.3 Coulomb’s Law


21.4 Electric Field and Electric Forces


21.5 Electric Field Calculation)


Chapter 22- Guass law (22.1 Charge and Electric Flux


Chapter 23- Electric Potential( Electric potential Energy)


Chapter 24- Capacitor and Capacitance( Capacitance in Series and Parallel, Dielectrics)


Chapter 25- Current Resistance and Electromotive force (Resistivity ,Resistance, Electromotive force and circuits,Energy and Power in Electric Circuits)


Chapter 26: Direct Current Circuits ( Resistors in series and parallel , Kirchhoff’s Rules )


Chapter 27: Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces(Magnetism ,Magnetic Field ,Magnetic field lines and flux)


Chapter 28: Sources of Magnetic Field (28.1 Magnetic field of a moving charges 28.2 Magnetic field of a current element. 28.3 Magnetic field of a straight current carrying conductor, 28.4 Force between parallel conductors, Magnetic field of circular loop, Ampere’s Law )


Chapter 29- Electromagnetic Induction( Faradays Law and Lenz’s Law, Motional Electromagnetic Force , Induced Electric fields, Eddys Current

Chapter 30- Inductance – ( Mutual Inductance , Self inductance and inductors, Magnetic field energy, The R-L Circuit, L-C Circuit



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