PLST 380 Form 990 Information Memorandum

PLST 380 Form 990 Information Memorandum


You will locate a Form 990, review the form, and answer a set of questions about the form. The answers to the questions will be submitted as a memorandum in current Bluebook format. The memorandum does not have a set length; rather, it will be evaluated as to whether a Form 990 has been located and the questions answered. College-level writing—including correct use of English grammar and proper and current Bluebook format—is required.




Form 990 Assignment Guidelines:




You      will select a nonprofit organization for which you would like to review      the Form 990.

You      will retrieve the Form 990 for your selected organization, review it      carefully, and answer the questions provided in the memorandum.

Several      Internet sources have Form 990s and other information available for free,      including



Memorandum Criteria:




Draft      a memorandum answering the following questions:

What       is the name of the entity that you selected? Does it operate under any       other names?

Who       is the principal officer?

What       are its gross receipts?

What       is the mission or most significant activities of the entity?

How       many voting members of the governing body does the entity have? How many volunteers?

What       were/are the contributions for the past year and the current year? What       were/are the total revenue figures for the prior year and the current       year?

What       are the names of the 5 highest-paid employees of the entity?

What       are the names of the 5 highest-paid independent contractors of the       entity?

Did       the entity engage in any political campaign or lobbying activities?

What       else did you find intriguing, surprising, disappointing, or otherwise       interesting in any way about the Form 990? Did you learn anything about       the entity or nonprofits in general that you did not expect?



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