Powerpoint presentation on PICOT question

Powerpoint presentation on PICOT question


This is a powerpoint presentation.I would need a powerpoint along with foot notes for presenting.This is on my topic for PICOT question : Among freshly graduated nurse practitioners (P), do mentorship programs (I) compared to lack of mentorship (C) promote mental health (O) during the first year of practice after joining the workforce (T).


Directions are below. The stakeholders are going to be companies such as hospital and clinics that do not have mentorship programs. I was to pitch this to them to show them how mentorship will correlate with high productivity, positive mental health outcomes for newly grad nurse practitioners and if possible how they can save money if they have mentorship programs. This is related to only newly graduated nurse practitioners. Also please separate each category in its own PowerPoint page.








The student will identify key stakeholders for the purpose of implementing the proposed

research project. To gain support for implementation, the student will develop a

presentation with the background/ scope of the problem, proposed solutions/

interventions and project goals. Students that implement the project will provide a

summary of the presentation provided to their key stakeholders and students that DO

NOT implement their proposed research will present their ‘pitch’ to the class for





This activity is worth 7.5 points that are assigned accordingly:


  1. Key stakeholders are appropriately identified (1 point)
  2. A compelling, succinct problem statement is paralleled with the project aim/ goals

(1 points)

  1. Evidence-based literature is easily identified within a proposed solution/ intervention

(2 points)

  1. Methods for relevant data collection/ management are clearly defined

(2 points)

  1. References and presentation materials are grammatically correct, logically organized,

complete and made available for stakeholder review. (1.5 points)



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