Project 2 Nations Behaving Badly Step 11 Analyze Cyber Defense Information

Project 2 Nations Behaving Badly Step 11 Analyze Cyber Defense Information


This step includes a mandatory lab exercise. The teams should work together on the exercise, relying on each other’s expertise in the subject area of the exercise. The findings will be included in your team’s Security Baseline Report.


The attack continues. Now the CIO reports high-volume activity shutting down web access to the summit and to the attending nations’ government websites. In addition, the volume impact has also caused latency in third-party websites whose processes and data sharing are linked to the summit and to the nations’ government websites.


Your team now enters Workspace to analyze the .pcap files the CIOs had provided. You will analyze the .pcap files to understand some of the conditions that may have led to this high-volume traffic, an apparent DoS attack.




Complete This Lab






Accessing the Virtual Lab Environment: Navigating UMGC Virtual Labs and Lab Setup

Self-Help Guide (Workspace): Getting Started and Troubleshooting

Link to the Virtual Lab Environment:



Lab Instructions



Network Defense



Getting Help



To obtain lab assistance, fill out the support request form.


Make sure you fill out the fields on the form as shown below:


Case Type: UMGC Virtual Labs Support

Customer Type: Student (Note: faculty should choose Staff/Faculty.)

SubType: ELM Cyber (CBR/CST/DFC/CYB)

SubType Detail: Pick the category that best fits the issue you are experiencing.

Email: Type the email that you currently use for classroom communications.

In the form’s description box, provide information about the issue. Add screenshots or supporting documents, and include details such as steps you took and system responses.


Compile screenshots and your analyses of the DoS events affecting the summit, the nations’ government web pages, and third-party websites as well, where relevant. Maintain your Wireshark packet analysis for any future investigation



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